Congratulations in being shortlisted by Fly Right to attend the cabin crew recruitment process with Emirates!


Any questions, please whatsapp us at +1 778 9573597.



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Fly Right Services does not guarantee or suggests a guarantee that any applicant or candidate to the cabin crew position will be hired by Emirates airline under any capacity. 

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If you have NOT YET  applied online to the cabin crew position at EK – pls create your profile by applying HERE.

If you HAVE ALREADY applied and finalised your online application, please provide us with the email you used in your EK online application.

We require that information to internally refer your application to Emirates.



After we referred your application, you will receive an email from the Emirates system – Referral email.

From that moment on you MUST access it via the link located in the referral email.  You will be able to edit it – don’t worry!

Once you login into your profile, you will see 2 applications:

  1. 8D Agency
  2. Regular application ending in 7W

You should have the 8D as the only active application in your profile.

Therefore, please withdraw from any other application apart from the 8D AGENCY one.



To edit your application follow these easy steps (see photo below):

  1. Sign in – ONLY by using the link provided in the REFERRAL email
  2. View submissions/ My Jobpage
  3. Right pane – Click on ACCESS MY PROFILE
  4. Edit what’s needed – save and submit each tab
  5. Click SUBMIT to finalise
  6. You will receive an email from Emirates stating that your submission is complete and with your Applicant number.
Important details to be completed in your application
  1. You’ll be required to provide details about why you left a previous job – be mature! Examples of reasons of leaving a company: End of contract; Received a better job offer; Better job opportunity; Made redundant (pandemic).
  2. Upload all the required documents: COVID19 vaccination certificate, education certificate (translation not required), passport biodata page, updated English resume, and any photo.
  3. One document is the most important – The Emirates Uniform Standards form completed. You can download and complete that form HERE

If your are reapplying after a failed AD/VI/FI we suggest the following:

  1. Withdraw from any previous EK online applications 
  2. Create a new application online at EK group careers
  3. USE A NEW OR NEVER PREVIOUSLY USED EMAIL in the new EK online application 
  4. Once completed, please provide us with the email you used in your EK online application.

We require that information to internally refer your application to Emirates.

Follow further details in STEP 1.

Your resume should CLEARLY display:

  1. Your customer service experience
  2. The same email address used in your Emirates online application
  3. Dates (month/year) of your professional experiences in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest
  4. Do not translate address
  5. Ensure your mobile number is correct.

We strongly suggest you use Canva to edit your resume.

Send it to us for revision before you update it to your application.

Professionally taken photos are no longer required.

If you decide to take photos, please ensure to follow the advice below:

  1. White background
  2. Natural smile, showing only top set of teeth
  3. Hands should fall naturally alongside the body
  4. Use clothespins (on the back of your jacket) to ensure it looks fitted to the body
  5. No scarfs
  6. No excessive jewellery
  7. No wrist watch
  8. No shadows on face or behind you

Try your best to look like an Emirates cabin crew!

See sample photos below

The important day has arrived!

Please be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the starting time.

Please bring:

  • One copy of your English resume with a passport size photo
  • Water
  • Charged mobile device.

Dress Code: Business attire


  • Knee length skirt
  • Hair in an up do, make up and heels (ladies).


  • Suit and tie
  • Well groomed and shaved.

At the venue:

  • Be prepared to stay in the venue for the whole day
  • Pay attention to the tasks being requested
  • Do not leave the event area unless advised to do so
  • Ensure to have with you water and a light snack
  • Your mobile device should be fully charged.


The last stage for those approved within the stages of the Recruitment Day is the Final Interview.

It could happen in two different ways:

  1. In person – At the end of the Recruitment Day
  2. By video (Teams meeting)


Expected Steps

• The interview lasts around 30/40 minutes

• You’ll be expected to answer questions about yourself and your work experience

• Take your time answering the questions but be straightforward with the answer

• When the question requires ‘examples of a situation…’ means that you have to find real examples lived by you in the specific situation.


Our suggestions

1. PLAN – study your resume carefully, know your own history!

Some of the following questions might also appear:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why do you want to become cabin crew?
  • What do you think the role of cabin crew is?
  • What are the challenges associated with the cabin crew position?
  • List three important skills needed to be a cabin crew
  • Why Emirates?
  • Give me an example of a situation that you had to work with someone you disliked/or difficult/or that blamed you for mistakes
  • Provide an example of a situation that you went beyond your call of duty to satisfy a customer
  • Describe excellent customer service
  • What are your 3 weakness and your strength?



• Annotate some key points/examples about your previous work experiences

• Create examples for various situations 

• Ensure that it falls into the STAR model below:







Don’t rush with your answer

Be natural

Display the correct facial expression 

Be confident, friendly and approachable!


Good luck!


Now starts the most difficult stage – waiting for the result!

The result can take from 2 days to 4 weeks!

Remain calm and reach out to us if EK contacts you or if you need to address anything important.

Unsuccessful candidates must wait at least 6 months to reapply to another recruitment event.


Note: The information written here cannot be photographed, posted, shared, divulged or publicized without our written authorisation.