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  1. Fabio Blank da Costa

    Sharing a bit of me, currently 3 years with Emirates and ready for another 3, I was happily guided by this great Team that provided me with all information I needed to succeed in my AD and FI, with all their support it couldn’t go wrong!
    If flying is your passion and Emirates your goal, give yourself a time to read all information that the Flight Right team has posted online in order to prepare the candidates for upcoming interviews. Trust no one else, they have the most accurate and updated information about the process.
    My experience with FR couldn’t be better, I’m happy that they could see my potential and trusted in me. Thank you FR!

    • Fly Right Team

      Thank you Fabio for your kind words! We are very happy to hear of your great experience with us! Wishing that you continue your journey in the aviation industry with safety and happiness! FR Team

  2. Angelo

    I’m glad to have attempted the Open Day last year (July 2013). I’ve met Rejane, Patricia, and Flavia, and they helped/guided me ’till I finally made it to the Final interview. It was an awesome pleasure to be part of the group who attempted that Assessment day!
    I will be joining Emirates on 2nd May of 2014. It was a long wait, but I did it, and it’s for sure because I received help and orientation from the Flight Right Team. They do have a special place in my thoughts. Hope to see you all enjoining your work and having a happily life!
    For all those who will try, or are trying to be part of Emirates as crew as I am soon to be, use all the information on this site, talk with the Fly Right Team, they for sure are the most capable group that you may find to help and guide you.

    • Fly Right Team

      Dear Angelo, your words are an encouragement to everyone to wishes to change and start a new career. We are happy to have been a small part of it. Wishing you great success in Dubai and at Emirates. Thank you! Fly Right Team

  3. Caio Henrique

    Just amazed about the Golden Call that I got this week! Passing through the Fly Right selection was really worthywhile in all aspects for me.. Now I’m just counting the days till I finally leave Brazil to Dubai and start up my career with Emirates! I’m so proud of working there that I already feel like beeing there :D Thanks FLY RIGHT, you are awesome and your tips were just amazing! DUBAI, here I go. #happy

    • Fly RIght Team

      Thank you for your kindness Caio! We hope your new challenge is full of success and happiness! Fly Right Team

  4. Giuliana Giusti

    17 months ago I came to the job that I love so much! I wish from deep inside of my heart that all workers in this earth can find a job that makes them as happy as I am in mine! This is my story: I went for the Open Day in Sao Paulo, but I had the wrong information, it was the second day already. Patricia Pacheco (who was working with Rejane) asked me to come back for the next OD. I was impressed when I came back some months later and that among so many people, she recognized me! Until today, Rejane still knows me by name, she knows who I am and remembers things that are important to me. This makes me feel so well comforted and special. She gives us (all the crew she recruited) support during the Open Day and still keeps giving us support after! Rejane think about all details, like EK does. During my Open Day, even the hair spray she had provided us in the female toilet!
    I thank her forever for such nice support and for caring so much about us all!

    • Fly Right Team

      Dear Giuliana, we are grateful for your kind words, thank you! Wishing you an amazing experience at the airline. ALl the best! Fly Right Team

  5. Tamara Coelho

    On 5th september my dream will finally come true! I have no words to express the feeling of being woken up by a GC, after waiting for a couple of years the opportunity to conquer the skies. This opportunity came through the best company world-wide: Emirates, and the angels who helped me, supported me and kept encouraging me to go ahead on my dream (even after those moments of frustration) were, of course the Fly Right team!

    I am really thankful for all their help! :)

    • Fly RIght Team

      Dear Tamara, welcome to the team! Hope your time in Dubai is full of success and happiness. Fly Right Team

  6. Daniela

    Dear ones,

    I have just signed my second contrat with Emirates and am now entering my 6th year with this wonderful company.
    I am currently working in first class cabin and also have been part of the training team for a year, proudly representing Brasil in Emirates Training College, sending wonderful people to the business class cabin!
    It all started with Fly Right International. I feel humbled when I remember taking the bus to reach their office and start the recruitment process. They were very professional and informative, giving us a clear idea of what the job is about.
    If you dream of working for a great, big and growing company and if you are willing to work hard and enjoy your job a lot, you are on the right track with Fly Right International.
    Thank you, my wonderful journey started with you, and I am forever grateful!

    • Fly Right Team

      Thank you for your kind words Daniela! We strive to provide a great start in this new challenge and we continue to wish you success in your career as cabin crew with Emirates. Fly Right Team

  7. Paulo Fernando Gonçalves

    I wont give up trying to be the crew member and I am sure that I will be one of the best Embassador of Emirates Airlines.
    I know about that,because I really love to travel,to know people from all the world,i respect cultures,religions,foods,etc.
    We are not alone here in this place called world,thats why we need to be friendly to all.
    Fly Right Team thanks for all.

  8. Alexandre Androvics

    Hello everyone!
    Unfortunately I couldn’t reach my goal to work at Emirates. I just got the answer from “Flight Right” time saying I had failed at the OD selection that happened yesterday in São Paulo. I don´t need verbalize how disappointed and sad I was with that, but it was important to know how serious they are and the high criteria they follow for the selections. This explain why Emirates is being considering the largest flight company in the world over the past years. For those who were approved I wish success and a wonderful stay in Dubai. I hope to reach my goal at the next OD selection.
    I would like to thanks all the “Flight Right” time for the opportunity.

  9. Isabel Santos

    Estou aqui para falar do coaching que realizei em português, Do it right ,por isso resolvi escrever essa mensagem em português, este coaching foi realmente sensacional quem estava apresentando foi Marcelo Nogueira da equipe da flyright, ele realmente foi impecável e super atencioso, tirou todas as minhas duvidas que por sinal não eram poucas e mostrou quais poderiam ser os meus possíveis erros que eu tenho cometido. Nos processos seletivos e por isso que eu não obtive sucesso e além disso mostrou e apontou quais são minhas habilidades e como posso melhorar estas, se realmente. Você quer saber quais são sao seus erros em uma entrevista e deseja melhorar. Faça o coaching, pois este irá te ajudar muito, essa é sua oportunidade de poder melhorar e conseguir chegar ao seu objetivo!!!!!!!!, agradeço imensamente ao Marcelo e toda equipe do flyright por terem me dado a oportunidade de realizar este coaching. Por experiência própria faça esse investimento que você não irá se arrepender !!!!!!

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